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1.5 hours to create heartfelt photos with your darling 

Up to 2 outfits that make you feel confident and beautiful 

Up to 2 nearby locations and be creative with this :) Where do you both spend your time together? Is it at the local coffee shop, in your home cuddling up to your furry baby, or hiking through the mountains? 

Beautifully edited, high resolution images downloaded via an online gallery that can be shared with your family and friends. 

Engagement sessions are $500 and include: 

Engagement sessions are a wonderful way to start off our work together. Of course you get amazing photos of you and your loved one to share on save the dates, but my MAIN love for these sessions is that we get to work together before the wedding day! We all know weddings can be a tad chaotic the day of. You have so many things going on with getting ready, keeping with the timeline, weather, etc. and you don’t need to add meeting your photographer for the first time to that list. How awesome would it be to have already worked together and got comfortable with each other before the big day? This way I already know all your moves, you know mine, and the direct result is you end up getting MORE photos on your wedding day because we aren’t spending the time figuring it all out :)