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Hi, I'm Hillary!

I currently live in Hershey, Pennsylvania but I was born and raised in the hot desert of Southern California. My summers were spent lifeguarding, camping on the bluffs of Carlsbad, and eating lots of fudgy no-bake cookies. After high school, I moved to Utah to attend Utah State University and major in Speech and Language Pathology. It was during this time that I met and married my husband Jason. After graduation he got accepted to Penn State Hershey Medical School so we furthered our adventures by driving across the country to the land of chocolate, which is where we currently reside! 

Along with shooting weddings, most days you can find me playing with our Dogue de Bordeaux Boris, wearing stretchy dresses, eating fudgy no-bake cookies (some things never change), and repurposing old furniture for our home. I believe that I have the most amazing job in the world because I get to photograph love in it’s most raw form. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and my purpose is it do just that.  


I was born in the desert of Apple Valley, California. Land of the Joshua trees and tumbleweeds, no joke! People always assume that since I grew up in California I must know how to surf. Not true... The beach was about 2 hours away and we only went a handful of times a year. I became a pretty awesome boogie boarder though!


I’ve always loved the water. I learned to jump off the edge of a pool and swim to the side all by myself at only 1.5 years old. 


Got my first job when I was 15 at the local pool as a lifeguard. I loved sitting in the hot sun but not getting those unattractive tan lines from my guard suit.



Moved to Logan, Utah to attend Utah State University and major in Speech and Language Pathology. 


My first introduction to photography. I met a young entrepreneur who owned her own photography/videography business and I had no idea young people could do that! It opened my eyes to possibilities within my own future.


Got my first DSLR for my 20th birthday. I saved up my money from the restaurant I was working at and helped pay for half of it. That was probably the most expensive thing I owned and I was excited but also a little overwhelmed because I knew there was a ton to learn.


Married my husband that July. Choosing my wedding photographer was the single most important thing to me. I loved how she really captured the true essence of our relationship and that’s ultimately what made me fall in love with photography. Those raw and honest moments are so precious.


Took my camera backpacking in Havasupai. It was a 20 mile round trip hike while carrying that giant camera but I loved documenting our adventures.


Shot my first wedding solo, and it was in San Diego! After about a year of second shooting and mentoring, I finally felt ready. I remember jumping up and down and yelling to the rooftops when I booked it. I couldn't believe it.


Graduated USU with my Bachelors in Speech and 
Language Pathology. 


Moved to Pennsylvania. I was sad to leave my newly bloomed business in Utah but I was also excited for the opportunities I was going to find on the east coast. I booked a wedding that fall in D.C. and remember loving how green everything was compared to the west.


After 1.5 years of working at the Hershey School District and rebuilding my business, my hard work had paid off and I finally went full-time in photography.


Got our Dogue de Bordeaux puppy Boris!


Loving every minute with my little family here in PA!


Now that you know my story, let me tell yours...