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What to Wear as a Wedding Photographer

What to Wear as a Wedding Photographer- Outfit Ideas by Hillary Muelleck

I’m super excited for this post today! I often read questions on facebook and instagram of wedding photographers asking for good outfits to wear to weddings. Gone are the days when photographers wear black slacks and a white polo (and we are glad to be rid of such lame work attire). It’s hard to find clothes that you can move around in or be able to move your arms up and down with your camera. You also want to wear clothes that are modest so that you aren’t attracting attention or flashing guests as you crouch in the aisle, but also look cute and not boring!! So I’ve created a video that shows some of my favorite outfits that I wear to weddings throughout the year, “What to Wear as a Wedding Photographer”.

As a wedding photographer, I always look for clothing items that are breathable, stretchy, modest, and have pockets. I’ve put together 3 jumpsuits, 3 dresses, and 3 shirt and skirt options. Most of my clothes I get at either Jcrew, Piper and Scoot Boutique, or Roolee Boutique. Because of this, many of the exact clothes I wear in the video aren’t available for purchase anymore, but the boutiques are always stocking new pattern and colors of the same styles I am wearing. I’ve linked similar clothing items to each of the outfits that you will see in the video. Enjoy!

Outfit #1- Black Jumpsuit front tie and pockets, another similar

Outfit #2- Wide-legged striped jumpsuit and front tie, another similar option

Outfit #3- Flowy, floral, front wrap jumpsuit

Outfit #4- Pinstriped dress, knee length, with pockets

Outfit #5- Flowy sleeved, knee-length, embroidered dress with pockets

Outfit #6- Long-sleeved stretchy midi dress 

Outfit #7- Collared shirt and Flowy skirt with pockets

Outfit #8- Patterned T-Shirt and Patterned Skirt

Outfit #9- Button-up blouse and Patch style pocket skirt 

To view more of my outfits that I wear when I’m shooting a wedding, CLICK HERE!


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