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My Secret to Consistent Editing

I had been a photographer for 6 years and I was STILL STRUGGLING with keeping a consistent editing style. It’s so hard make photos all look cohesive when they are all from different times of day, different seasons, and different locations. Some looked a little too warm or cool, or a little too green or pink. I’d finish editing a session or a wedding, upload them to the gallery, and felt like I’d have to re-edit it all because the tones were all over the place! It wasn’t too long ago (like a year ago maybe) that I finally felt like I unlocked the secret, and now I’m going to share it with you! Here is my secret to consistent editing…

using a reference window.

what?? what is that??

Today I’m going to show you a tutorial on how I editing using a reference window in Lightroom!

There you have it! My secret to consistent editing is using a reference window in Lightroom. Pick the most ideal edited image in that session or wedding (an image that you want all the rest to look like), and then set that as you reference image. Then editing the rest of the session to match that one image in your reference window. This is how you get extreme consistency while editing. Since you matched all your images to one image, as a result all the images are going to match and look good together. As you keep using this technique, you’ll notice images from multiple difference sessions will start to look like each other. THAT’S THE ULTIMATE GOAL!!


I also wanted to share with you a limited access video on how I organize all my client photos on my computer! Click HERE to get the video straight to your mailbox! 

View more videos on my YOUTUBE channel HERE!

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