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Why you should hire a calligrapher for your wedding

Why You Should Hire a Calligrapher for your Wedding |

Why should you hire a calligrapher for your wedding? Being a photographer, I’ve noticed that when I photograph wedding paper goods and signage that have been designed and written by a professional calligrapher, all the wedding decor immediately feels high-end, romantic, intentional, and really sets the tone for the day. I’ve asked one of North Carolina’s calligraphers, Calligraphy by Carole, to answer a few questions about why calligraphy is something you definitely need to consider when planning your wedding decor.

What inspired you to start your calligraphy business?

“I’ve always loved to write – from doodling during class to letters to family and friends – I love a good pen and fresh piece of quality paper or stationery! When a really good friend started her calligraphy business, she encouraged me to give it a try. My first paid addressing job was in 1994. I was a stay-at-home mom then, so did jobs sporadically until 2008, when I launched my website and began this lovely venture.”

What calligraphy services do you specialize in?

“I provide calligraphy services for weddings, special events and printed materials. Each piece is created with a hand-dipped pen nib in ink, followed by careful attention to detail to create artwork that reflects each client’s personality.”

How does calligraphy elevate a couples wedding day?

“I believe that the wedding invitation creates the first impression for your guests. I can provide calligraphy for the actual invitation that reflects your personality and sets the tone for your wedding or special event. If you don’t want calligraphy for the invitation, I can address them in a lettering style that enhances the invitation you have chosen. My calligraphy is also used for menu cards, programs, seating cards, thank you notes, table numbers and signage. Because everything is done by hand, we can make your event a totally unique experience.”

What specific things do to enhance a couples wedding photos?

“If I provide calligraphy for a client’s actual invitation, they will use it in a flat lay photo. If I addressed their envelopes, they will use them along with their invitations for flat lays. I do lots of escort cards, place cards, table numbers and signage. These day-of-details provide a special and lovely option for the event. When my signage is embellished with florals and/or greenery, the result is stunning for photos!”

Additional thoughts from Calligraphy with Carole:

“I’m extremely grateful to provide little pieces of art from the comfort of my home. I have the opportunity to work with such wonderful clients – all of whom are celebrating something…a wedding, shower, party or corporate event. My commissioned pieces (vows, song lyrics, poems, certificates)
are even celebratory, as they are usually given as gifts. Plus – keeping handwriting alive in this technical world is my responsibility and something that I love. Think about it – when you get your mail – don’t you open anything that is handwritten – FIRST?!! So seeing your name written in calligraphy, is just icing on the cake!”

If you haven’t already, hire a calligrapher for your wedding day details and make your decor unique so that it completely reflects you both. Like Carole said, it’s the icing on the cake!

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