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3 Tips to Planning Instagram Content

3 Tips to Planning Instagram Content

Instagram is a huge platform filled with clients looking for inspiration, products, businesses, and so much more. A couple years ago, most of my new clients found me from client and vendor referrals, however that has drastically decreased since moving to a new location. Over the past year, I’ve invested a lot of time in Instagram marketing to help me reach my new local audience. I’m happy to say that Instagram is now my main referral source! But planning content can be very overwhelming, so today I’m sharing 3 Tips to Planning Instagram Content so that I can stay active on the app while also not feeling like I’m constantly on my phone throughout the day (I’m sure my husband appreciates that too haha)!

Tip #1- Using a planning app! I love Planoly!

I love that it’s accessible on my phone as well as on my computer. I’m someone who can get things done a lot fast on my computer so I like having that option for both.

Here are my favorite things about Planoly-

  • I can auto-post!
  • It shows a grid of all my photos so that I can see how photos look together before posting
  • I can easily drag and drop photos in the grid
  • There is a calendar so that I can see all the dates and times my content is scheduled for
  • I can schedule instagram stories and text for those!
  • Planoly tracks when your audience is most likely to be on the app so that you can schedule posts during those times
  • I can schedule hashtags to show up in the first comment instead of the caption
  • I can tag other accounts in the image ahead of time

Tip #2- Have a group of images to choose from 24/7!

After every session, pick your tip 3-5 favorites and drag them into the drafts on Planoly. This way you’ll always have images to choose from (that are on brand) when you are ready to write a caption.

Tip #3- Keep records of all your vendor information (for crediting) in one place!

I shoot lots of different sessions that include many different vendors. I keep google docs of all the vendor’s instagram and website information from every session I shoot so that I can easily pull that info for crediting and tagging photos.

Hope you enjoyed these 3 Tips to Planning Instagram Content! Don’t forget today’s FREE DOWNLOAD of all my must have apps for instagram content! Click HERE to download!

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