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7 Things to Add to Your Pre-Wedding Questionnaire

7 Things to Add to Your Pre-Wedding Questionnaire as a wedding photographer to help prepare for your wedding days

7 Things to Add to Your Pre-Wedding Questionnaire

Pre-Wedding Questionnaires are a good way to get all the info you need from your couples before the wedding day. They’re a simple way to make sure you know what matters most to your couples – and you don’t miss it. I love sending these out to my clients and reading their responses as I prepare for their special day. These questionnaires are always so full of things you need to know to create the timeline and capture family photos… but today, I’m sharing 7 things to add to your pre-wedding questionnaire that you may not have thought of before!

On a wedding day, not only do I want to be sure we have enough time for everything, but I want to be extra sure that I know what my couples are most interested in. It allows me to serve them better and prioritize what they’re looking forward to on their wedding day. I hope that these 7 question ideas help you improve your questionnaire this year!


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