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How to Rock Family Formals as a Wedding Photographer

how to rock family formals for a stress-free wedding day

How to Rock Family Formals on Wedding Days

Do cringe thinking about family formals on a wedding day? Family photos can either be awkward and stressful or efficient and organized. You’ve got a lot of people looking to you for direction… not to mention the list you need to achieve – all without even knowing who Uncle Bob actually is. Today I’m sharing tips on how I prepare for family formals so that I can rock them on the wedding day! With a little prep by both you and your couple, you can take one of the hardest parts of the day and make it easy for everyone involved. Trust me, it feels good to know that you’re taking care of your couple and their families, without even breaking a sweat!

Rocking the family formals on a wedding day helps you look good as a photographer and ensures your couple can relax during a potentially stressful moment. If you and your couple communicate well, beforehand, you’re going to find that everything gets way easier! Tune into this week’s videos for all of my tips and tricks to make the magic happen. Don’t forget to download my pre-wedding questionnaire, either – there’s a whole section on family formals for your couples to complete!


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