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Why I Switched from a DSLR to a Mirrorless Nikon Z62 Camera

Hillary Muelleck reviews the Mirrorless Nikon Z62 Camera & shares why the switch to a mirrorless camera from DLSR as a wedding photographer

Why I Switched from a DSLR to a Mirrorless Nikon Z62 Camera

As a wedding photographer, the gear I choose is important. I want to choose gear that works with my style and how I photograph a wedding day. About a year ago, I ditched my DSLR camera and officially switched over to my Nikon Z62 Mirrorless camera. Honestly, I’ve never looked back! There are so many pros to having a mirrorless camera as a wedding photographer and I’m talking about the biggest benefits in this video!

Before switching to the mirrorless Nikon Z62, I had a camera body that was getting pretty old. It was well-loved and well-used, but I knew the time was coming. As I prepared for that replacement, I started to think about what I might want to use instead. After lots of research, I decided on this mirrorless camera. It turned out to be such a great decision for me, and my business. I hope this review helps you decide what kind of camera to get next!

Tune into this week’s video to see my review of the Nikon Z62!


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