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How I’m Filling Out My 2023 Calendar

How I'm Filling Out My 2023 Calendar

How I’m Filling Out My 2023 Calendar

One of my favorite things about the new year is laying out my new calendar! I love seeing my whole year on one poster calendar with all my weddings and personal plans. Laying out my entire year, both personally and professionally, helps me plan everything. Knowing when I have busy seasons is important – this allows me to plan goals and projects more mindfully throughout the year. Today, I’m sharing a look into how I prep my calendar each year. I use lots of fun methods to make sure I know what’s going on each month of the year. If you’re ready to start planning your year, watch how I’m filling out my 2023 calendar! I hope this inspires you to get more control over your schedule and life so you can feel more balanced all year long.

Plan 2023 along with me in this week’s video!


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