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Instagram is a huge platform filled with clients looking for inspiration, products, businesses, and so much more. A couple years ago, most of my new clients found me from client and vendor referrals, however that has drastically decreased since moving to a new location. Over the past year, I’ve invested a lot of time in […]

3 Tips to Planning Instagram Content


I had been a photographer for 6 years and I was STILL STRUGGLING with keeping a consistent editing style. It’s so hard make photos all look cohesive when they are all from different times of day, different seasons, and different locations. Some looked a little too warm or cool, or a little too green or […]

My Secret to Consistent Editing |


At the start of my photography business, I was keeping track of all my clients and their workflows on spreadsheets. When I on-boarded a new client, I would have to write up a new contract for them, save it as a pdf, and have them print it out and snail mail it to me. When […]

Client Management Systems for Photographers | Honeybook Tutorial


There is so much camera equipment out there and it can be very overwhelming, especially when you are a wedding photographer! A wedding day moves so quickly and you have to be prepared for whatever comes next, and have the skill and the equipment to get the best photos in any situation. Although there is […]

A breakdown of all my wedding day lenses | Hillary Muelleck Photography


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