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A Day in the Life of Hillary Muelleck

It’s my BIRTHDAY, and I’m 29 years old! Every year I usually spend my birthday the same way. I call it “the perfect day”. Like if everyday could be like this, that would be my dream! I get dressed in a new outfit, have 3 delicious meals throughout the day, go see a movie at the theater, and end the day getting a full body massage by my favorite masseur, and eating confetti cake. This year I hope it will be the same (minus going to the movie theater). We’ll just have to pop buttery popcorn and have giant sodas at home with our movie. I’m thinking the new Little Women? To celebrate my birthday, today I’m sharing A Day in the Life of Hillary Muelleck. Everything from my morning routine to the evening routine. Let’s get started!

Morning Routine:

Wake up before 8:30am. I’ve been prone to sleeping in late all my life (even if I go to bed early and get 8-10 hours of sleep). So I have my alarm set to 8:30am. Most days if I go to bed at a decent hour, my biological clock will wake me up before 8am, either that or Boris will ;) After I wake up and feed Boris, I do my skincare routine, put on my workout clothes, and go to the gym for about 45 minutes. I alternate between running on the treadmill or doing weightlifting.

*change due to shelter in place- instead of going to the gym, I either go on a 3 mile run in my neighborhood, or do an at home yoga workout watching Yoga with Adriene

When I come home, I throw the ball for Boris in the yard for a bit, and then come inside to eat breakfast. Lately, I’ve been really enjoying either making a smoothie with frozen strawberries, bananas, milk, and a leafy green OR I scramble 3 eggs and cut an apple with a slice of homemade Magnolia banana bread on the side. While I eat breakfast, I like listening to my audible book. Right now I’m listening to the last Harry Potter! After breakfast, I shower, and get ready for the day.

Late Morning/Afternoon Routine

After I’m ready, I make a list of both personal and business related tasks that I need/want to do that day. I schedule those things in 30-60 minute increments. I found that I can often get stuck doing one task for an entire day, which isn’t good when there are other things that I’m wanting to work on. My schedule will look something like this (this was actually my schedule for one of my days last week):

11am-12pm put in grocery order, fold laundry, water lawn

12pm-12:30pm personal reading

12:30pm-1:30pm answer all emails and client management

1:30pm-2:30pm login to YNAB (you can ready all about this HERE) and update budget for business and personal, order dog food on Amazon

2:30pm-3:30pm play with Boris, eat lunch

3:30pm-5:30pm blog +instagram prep for next week, update instagram landing page

I like mixing business and personal tasks, and even pleasurable activities like reading. My thoughts are that if it’s important to you, like playing with you dog, exercising, readying, eating, etc., then schedule it into your day. I use to feel bad about doing too many personal and pleasurable activities during the day that weren’t work-related. But if I schedule those things into my day, I actually feel like I’m still having a productive day! I also like alternating between business tasks and personal tasks. Staring at a computer for hours and hours makes me feel restless. So if I sit for a while to blog, I then get up and fold laundry before doing another work task. It’s a lot more doable that way.

Evening Routine

I really try and keep the evenings as relaxing as I can and free of being on my computer. I use to feel like if I was watching TV, I should have my computer out and be working so that I’m not wasting time just sitting on the couch binging. But with my schedule during the day, I’m not really watching any TV, so I end up getting a lot more done. Then I can hang out with Jason (binging Hulu) guilt-free.

At 5:30pm I’ll usually start dinner and we’ll eat by 6 or 6:30 when Jason comes home from work. Then we’ll watch a show together, walk Boris, and get ready for bed. I’ve been really enjoying not having screen time right before I go to bed. I’ll either keep the light on and read a book for a while, or if Jason is super tired and wants to lights out, I’ll put in my earbuds and listen to my audible book (with the sleep timer) and fall asleep to that. And that concludes the evening!

All my days are different.

Although this is my schedule that I’m keeping right now, it obviously changes from day to day. Sometimes I have sessions in the evening or have errands and meetings to run to during the day. My weekends never have a schedule! I’m usually shooting a wedding, traveling, or doing a home project. But as a whole, I always try and schedule my day out when I know I have a lot of get accomplished. It’s helped me become so much more productive and happy!

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A Day in the Life of Hillary Muelleck Photography A Day in the Life of Hillary Muelleck Photography A Day in the Life of Hillary Muelleck Photography



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