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My Top 3 Lenses I use on a wedding day

There is so much camera equipment out there and it can be very overwhelming, especially when you are a wedding photographer! A wedding day moves so quickly and you have to be prepared for whatever comes next, and have the skill and the equipment to get the best photos in any situation. Although there is lots of gear I use and switch back and forth from, today I wanted to share with you my top 3 lenses I use on a wedding day!


I use this lens about 90% of the wedding day. It’s the most versatile¬† lens that really does it all. I like it because it has the least amount of distortion, it mimics my film images the best, and it’s great both indoors and outdoors on a wedding day. I love using my 50mm for details, portraits, candids, and everything in between. This was my first lens I ever bought and it’s my most favorite. If I was on a desert island and could only have one lens with me, this would be it!


This is my second most used lens in my bag. A 35mm is a great wide lens that doesn’t create that fishbowl effect. I love using this lens for indoor photos and portraits when I can’t use my 50mm because I don’t have the room to back up. I also like using this lens for flat lay detail images as well as beautiful wide scenic shots of the venue as well as at the ceremony when I want a wide photo of everything happening. I also use this lens 95% of the time during reception candids and dancing photos. Often times receptions can get very crowded and I can’t back up to get certain photos. But that’s not an issue when I have my 35mm.


This lens is the most beautiful portrait lens. If I’m shooting outdoor portraits and have the room to back up, I love the creaminess of my 85mm. It creates a stunning compression (or blur) behind my subjects that a 50mm can’t compare to. If I can help not using a zoom lens, I also love using my 85mm for ceremonies to capture details and candids without having to get close.

Check out my youtube video where I go into more depth on my top 3 lenses!

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A breakdown of all my wedding day lenses | Hillary Muelleck Photography

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