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Watch Me Edit a Session in Lightroom

Watch me Edit a Session in Lightroom as a film photographer, walkthrough shared by NC wedding photographer Hillary Muelleck Photography

I’m so excited to be sharing one of my top requested videos with you today! I’ll be taking you behind the scenes as I edit a couples’ anniversary session in Lightroom after receiving my scans back from the print lab. I’m literally walking you through the entire editing process for these anniversary photos. We’ll be talking about some film photography tips, how and why I edit my photos to look the same whether they’re digital or film, and so much more.

Lightroom Tricks for Film Photographers

I’ll be showing you my tricks and tips in Lightroom as a film wedding photographer and let you see my exact editing process from start to finish, so if you’ve ever had any questions about editing film scans, take a look. We’ll be talking about using the archetype editing process – and why I look at both my film scans and digital images. As a quick note: the process I’m showing will be after images have been culled so I can start editing right away. Come watch me edit a session in Lightroom!



Culling in Photo Mechanic
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