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Back Up Systems for Photographers

Back Up Systems for Photographers: how to back up your images online and physically as a wedding photographer shared by Hillary Muelleck

Fearful of losing client photos? Corrupt memory cards? Today, I’m going to walk you through my entire backup system for client photos! I never want you to fear again!! This is the exact process I go through every time I come home from shooting a session or a wedding, step-by-step. This workflow has made me confident that my images are protected for years to come. I’m also sharing my favorite memory cards, hard drives, and online systems to back up all of my images.

Back Up Systems for Photographers

Although every photographer has a different way to back up and protect their images, I’ve found this process gives me the most confidence. Honestly, back up systems for photographers should occur in multiple ways, instead of just relying on one method. It’s your best bet! I hope that these tips give you more of a peace of mind when it comes to securing your images!


How to get 10 storytelling photos with 1 pose  ◦  Dual Memory Card Camera (My Camera!) ◦  External Hard Drive  ◦  External Hard Drive Traveling Case  ◦  BackBlaze (my online backup system- try for 30 DAYS FOR FREE!)  ◦  Pic-Time (my gallery service) (use code CVWCB2 to get 30 free days when signing up) ◦  My favorite memory cards SD Card and CF Express Card


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