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How to Get More Client Reviews as a Wedding Photographer

How to Get More Client Reviews as a Wedding Photographer: tips for photographers shared by NC wedding and film photographer Hillary Muelleck

Google reviews from your clients are so important for small businesses! Think about how often you turn to Google before hiring someone or visiting a new restaurant. Last year, I looked online and realized I had almost NO client reviews listed anywhere but my website.  While those are important, let’s be honest: the reviews we put on our site are a bit more curated than the ones someone leaves on Facebook or Google. I made it my personal mission to gather more client reviews. And now today, I’m sharing exactly how to get more client reviews! Learn how I was able to gather more than 70 client reviews in just 1 year by changing just a couple simple things.

Because I spent the time creating systems to encourage my clients to leave reviews – and strong ones at that – Google is now one of the biggest ways that clients find me. Those reviews are searchable and gold for you and your business! Don’t miss the chance to market your business thanks to your clients. Come watch this week’s videos to learn all of my review strategies!


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