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Outsourcing as a Wedding Photographer: An Inside Look into What I Outsource

Outsourcing as a wedding photographer: NC wedding photographer Hillary Muelleck shares what tasks she outsources for her business

Outsourcing as a Wedding Photographer

Outsourcing as a wedding photographer has allowed me the TIME to actually focus on tasks in my business that MAKE ME MONEY while also giving me MORE TIME back in my personal life. Today, I’m sharing an inside look at what I outsource in my business (and at home). Outsourcing tasks was something I never thought I’d feel comfortable doing because I was nervous about handing parts of my brand and business over to someone else. But if I’m being honest, handing off tasks can feel a little addicting! Once you get that taste of freedom and time back in your business, you’ll be hooked too.

When I began outsourcing, I started with accounting. Now I outsource some of my editing, social media, blog prep, and more. Plus some tasks at home. Come look at this week’s video to get an inside look at outsourcing as wedding photographer!


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