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How to Calculate Your Wedding Photography Packages

How to calculate your wedding photography packages so that you actually make money as a photographer, shared by Hillary Muelleck

How to Calculate Your Wedding Photography Packages

When you first start your business, one of the hardest things (in my opinion) is to decide how to price yourself. Personally, I was so confused about how to structure my wedding photography package pricing when I first started out. Everything felt really overwhelming and like I was just picking numbers out of thin air. That’s why this week, I’m helping you breakdown all your numbers so you know how to structure your packages. As wedding photographers, there’s a lot we do before and after the wedding day that needs to be covered in your package, as well as your hourly event rate. Together, we’ll walk through exactly what to consider when you set up your packages so you actually MAKE money!

Pricing your packages also needs to include what you need to pay yourself, cover operational costs, and so much more. I know all of that can feel really overwhelming, but it’s way easier than you think! Whether you’re brand new or ready to make more money…

Tune into this week’s video for the full breakdown on how to calculate your wedding photography packages:




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