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How to Organize your Monthly Business Finances as a Small Business Owner

How to Organize your Monthly Business Finances as a Small Business Owner shared by wedding photographer Hillary Muelleck

Let’s talk about financial organization for small business owners and photographers. If we’re honest, I know that finances are NOT a fun thing to talk about. They’re just not. It’s not the flashy, fun side of business. But it’s important that you know what’s going on with your money as a small business owner. Our the years, I’ve found a super easy way to organize my monthly business finances.

Every month, I follow my step-by-step workflow for my finances so that I can easily record and document my finances as a business owner. At the end of year, it makes it SO easy to do my taxes, pay what I owe, and feel in control of my finances. And really, that’s the best part. I never wonder what’s going on with my money, if I’ll make enough, or if I paid all my bills. Today, I’m sharing my favorite programs, processes for finances, and so much more in today’s video! I hope that this breakdown helps you organize your monthly business finances with more confidence!


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