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How to Create a Client Workflow

How to Create a Client Workflow: Tips for wedding photographers to create a consistent client experience from Hillary Muelleck

In today’s video, I’m talking about how to be more consistent with your clients by creating a client workflow! This is a question I get a lot from my students: how do you show up consistently for each client? The answer? Workflows! I’m going to walk you through how to create a client workflow as a wedding photographer.

A workflow is a step-by-step process that you use to serve all of your clients as a photographer. I mean literally every step – from when they inquire to after their wedding day. We’re going to talk about what a workflow really means, how to build out your workflow so that your clients all receive an amazing experience, and so much more.

Don’t forget, I have a freebie all about MY wedding workflow! Downloading and reviewing this will help you think about the steps in your workflow so you don’t miss any. And once you’ve laid out the steps of your workflow, I love using Honeybook to set up all of my templates, steps, and questionnaires. Honeybook is amazing to help make sure nothing gets lost!

We’re starting with a hands-on exercise in this week’s video, so grab some paper and let’s start talking about how to create a client workflow! Creating a consistent client experience will make booking and wowing your ideal clients even easier… so I promise, this is definitely worth your time to watch!


◦  Wedding Workflow Freebie ◦ Honeybook


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