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What’s in My Camera Bag as a Film Wedding Photographer

What's in My Camera Bag as a Film Wedding Photographer: Hillary Muelleck shares what's in her bag as a photographer in North Carolina

What’s in My Camera Bag as a Film Wedding Photographer

I’ve updated my “What’s in my camera bag” video to share with you! As I’ve become a film photographer, what’s in my camera bag has changed slightly. Today, I’m breaking down exactly what gear I carry to every wedding – and some non-gear items, too. Everything from cameras, lenses, random gear, and knick knacks are covered! If you’re getting ready for your next wedding season or about to start as a film photographer, come take a peek at what’s in my bag!

Being a wedding photographer is about more than just showing up with a functioning camera. Some of what’s in my bag isn’t for me – it’s for my couples. If you’re looking for an easy way to showcase how much you love and serve your clients, you might want to consider some of these additional items. Ready to dive in? Hit “play” and let’s go through my camera bag together!


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