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The Best of 2021: Sharing My Favorites for the Year

The Best of 2021: Hillary Muelleck shares her favorite books, podcasts, recipes, and more from 2021 as an end of the year recap

The Best of 2021: Sharing My Favorites of the Year

I absolutely love end of year reviews. It’s always so much fun to look back at the last year and figure out what really mattered to me. So, today, I’m sharing a list of my favorite books, movies, podcasts, products, and more over on YouTube. Everything I share made a difference in my personal or professional life. 2021 was a fun year, despite so many hard moments (which I think we all relate to!). I hope that my “Best of 2021 list” inspires you to try something new!

Putting together this list was a lot of fun. I think it gave me time to reflect and look back at the year as a whole. I hope that you’re encouraged to sit down and look at some of your favorites from the last year, too. In the meantime… Tune into this week’s video for the full run down:


Books I Read on GoodReads

Beauty Products (Face Wash and Scrubber)

Court of Thorns and Roses Series

Lunar Chronicles

Selection Series

“Clean Simple Eats” Cookbooks

Vitamix 320

@ChrislovesJulia Instagram

Work and Play Podcast

The Purpose Show Podcast

Declutter Like a Mother Book

Iphone/Airpod Charging Pad

Azul Board Game

My Mastermind Coach: Hope Taylor


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