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3 Ways to Generate Passive Income Today as a Wedding Photographer

3 easy ways to generate passive income as a wedding photographer, including creating a print shop and using affiliate links

3 Ways to Generate Passive Income Today as a Wedding Photographer

Let’s face it, as a wedding photographer, if we aren’t actively working we aren’t getting paid… And after the last few years, I’m confident that we’re all aware of the benefits of passive income. Today, I’m sharing three easy ways you can start to generate passive income TODAY as a wedding photographer. These three ideas are simple – and don’t add a ton of extra work to your plate… which is kind of the point of passive income. Take a few minutes to watch today’s video and set up your accounts, online galleries, and systems so you can reap the benefits of passive income!

When it comes down to it, as wedding photographers, generating passive income really comes from leveraging access to the programs, softwares, and tools we already use every day. These three tips are seriously so easy – and I want you to find the financial freedom that comes from passive income. Whether or not you think you “need” it, having that little bit of flexibility can go a long way!

Tune into today’s video for my tips:


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