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How to Be More Productive as a Business Owner

How to be more productive and effective as a business owner on a day-to-day business shared by Hillary Muelleck for photographers

How to Be More Productive as a Business Owner

Being not just efficient but EFFECTIVE in your planning is essential! We’ve all had those days as business owners where it feels like we’re just spinning our wheels – stuck in the editing, the culling, the shooting. It’s hard to always feel like we’ve had super productive or effective days, or like we’re moving forward in our business. That’s why today I’m sharing tips on how  to plan your days and be more productive as a business owner. Not only that – but how to be a productive AND effective business owner.

Peter Drucker said “Efficiency is doing things right but effectiveness is doing the right thing.” I think in the business world, we take a lot of time to discuss how to be more efficient. This means doing things like creating and automating workflows, outsourcing, and more. But, we have to also ask ourselves are these efficiency markers effective? Today, I want to share four tips about how to be productive and effective in our businesses.

Learn my tips in this week’s video:



Google Calendar (Favorite Planner)

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