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How I Quarterly Plan as a Business Owner

How I Quarterly Plan as a Business Owner: a step-by-step video showing how to quarterly plan for your life and business

How I Quarterly Plan My Goals and Schedule as a Business Owner

It’s May, which means I’m a month into my Q2 planning for my business. Quarterly (and annual!) planning in a business is important and imperative when setting goals. I like quarterly planning because it’s way easier to break down how to actually achieve the goals I’m setting.  Today, I’m sharing how I quarterly plan a business owner. I’ll be sharing my favorite calendars and system for laying out my schedule, goals, and steps towards my big picture goals.

When I begin planning each quarter, there’s a few things I want to look at. The first is always my personal time off. Once those days have been added to my calendar, then I can move into the work things. I want to stress this step because it’s a key to avoiding burnout and working too hard. While there are seasons of hustle, I want to take care of myself and my energy. This also helps me make sure I’m not over booking myself in the process of scheduling sessions, weddings, and work days!

See all of my steps in today’s video:


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