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How to Organize and Color Code your Client Wedding Images on Your Hard Drive

Wedding photographer Hillary Muelleck shares how to organize wedding images on your hard drive with a color coded system for photographers

How to Organize and Color Code your Client Wedding Images on Your Hard Drive

As a wedding photographer, being organized is a must-have skill! There’s so many things to stay on top of: contracts, questionnaires, RAW files, final images, the list goes on and on… That’s why having a system to upload and backup your images is super important. Today, I’m sharing an inside look at how I organize and color code my wedding images on my hard drive. I’ve shared about my favorite hard drives before. So now we’re looking at the systems I actually use to keep everything organized on there! For me, I use a color coded system to quickly know where any set of images in post-processing.

If you’re struggling to feel organized with your images, especially if you have second shooters or film scans, this video is for you! I love having a system that works for me and makes my life easier every time I sit down to work. I hope it helps you, too!

See how I organize wedding images on my hard drive in this week’s video!


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