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4 Ways to Use Light at Wedding Receptions

4 Ways to Use Light at Wedding Receptions: NC and SC wedding photographer Hillary Mulleck shares her favorite way to light receptions

There are lots of different ways to use light at wedding receptions. Photographers can use on-camera flash, off-camera flash, and even natural light. In this week’s video, I’m talking about my four favorite ways to use lighting at a reception. My favorites are on-camera flash bouncing, video lights, and using the natural reception lighting! Today, I’m sharing why I love these methods and how to use them.

Lighting a reception can be one of the trickiest things we have to do as wedding photographers. There’s often a LOT going on that’s important to capture but we’re competing with dark spaces, party lights, and more. Learning how to light a space with confidence will be one of the best lessons that you can learn as a photographer. Situations can be unpredictable on wedding days so knowing how to use your flash correctly, as well as whatever natural light you can find, is critical. I hope these tips feel you more confident on wedding days!

Find out more about the four ways I use light at wedding receptions in this week’s video!


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