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How to Shoot Reception Details in a Time Crunch

How to shoot reception details in a time crunch - wedding photographer Hillary Muelleck shares how to quickly capture the reception

How to Shoot Reception Details in a Time Crunch

Have you ever only had a few minutes to photograph all the reception details as a wedding photographer before guests start sitting down? Or, have you ever rushed through capturing all of the couples’ special details because the staff was ready to let everyone in? It can be so stressful to photograph reception details quickly, which is why I have a tip for you in today’s video! I’m sharing my checklist of all the reception details I capture to ensure that all the important photos are covered in just a few minutes. While none of us want to have to rush through the day, sometimes we have to shoot reception details quickly.

I’ve been shooting weddings for over 10 years and I know how overwhelming time crunches can be. So, I hope that this video helps you feel more confident about photographing details – no matter how much time you get.

Learn how I shoot wedding reception details quickly and efficiently – without forgetting a single thing at every wedding!


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