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My Morning and Evening Rituals for a More Balanced Life

Hillary Muelleck shares her morning and evening rituals for a more balanced life

My Morning and Evening Rituals for a More Balanced Life

Today I’m sharing something a bit more personal on my YouTube account: my morning and evening rituals. Sometimes the word “routine” can feel negative when we don’t stick to it. Because life changes (and we have to change with it, too), I’ve started saying “rituals”. These tasks and processes help me start my day and end my work day. I’m sharing a little behind the scenes look at my favorite rituals for a positive and successful day.

Throughout today’s video, I’m walking you through what happens after I wake up every day to start my day o the right foot. This includes taking care of myself (and my dog Boris!) and then getting ready to work. To end the day, I also have a few tasks I like to do. These help to signal the end of the day to my brain, to ensure I’m creating a work life balance.

Check out my current morning and evening rituals!


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