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How Theme Days and Time Blocking Have Changed My Work Schedule and Productivity

time blocking and theme days for small business owners

How Theme Days and Time Blocking Have Changed My Work Schedule and Productivity

I thrive on organization and batching my time as a small business owner. It helps me to feel more in control and more productive each day. About two years ago I started using theme days and time batching to help me feel more organized in the office. These methods allow me to batch specific tasks on specific days – both business and personal. This has helped me accomplish more when I’m in the office (or running errands!) and ultimately helped me feel and see an increase in productivity. While these have been helpful, I’m not super strict with them, as life does happen. But, knowing I’ve got a plan helps everything feel better each day. In today’s video, I’m sharing all about how I created these themed days and what time blocking really means.

As a small business owner, it’s easy to feel pulled in a lot of directions. While time blocking or theme days might not be the solution for you, I hope that understanding why I’ve done this for myself will help you find the schedule that works best for you!

Tune into today’s video for tips about theme days and time blocking!


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