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3 Posing Mistakes You’re Making as a Photographer (And How to Fix Them!)

NC wedding photographer Hillary Muelleck shares three common posing mistakes and how to fix them for more relaxed and genuine portraits

3 Posing Mistakes You’re Making as a Photographer (And How to Fix Them!)

Do you feel like your clients aren’t comfortable when you are posing them during a session? In this video I’m sharing 3 mistakes that you might be making when posing your clients. Authentic and genuine images come from your clients feeling confident in how they’re being posed. We’ve all been there – where something feels unnatural or uncomfortable and we’re told to just stick it out because it looks great. But, the reality is: that’s not how posing should feel. Today, I’m sharing three common posing mistakes I see photographers make (and I did too!). I want you and your clients to feel more comfortable and confident at every portrait session – or wedding day!

Posing is something I’m super passionate about as a wedding photographer. I want to create beautiful portraits, in a quick and efficient way. But, those images should all still clearly tell a powerful story. That’s why I want you to learn how to create genuine connection in your images!

No matter what kind of photography you do, make sure to watch this week’s video on three posing mistakes and learn how to fix them!


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